Shipping Costs & Policy

Shipping is provided by our professional messenger services and EMS Postal Services.

Rates from Bangkok, Thailand to the following continents:

1. South East Asia: 1,500 Baht per Kilogram
2. Other Asia Nations: 2,000 Baht per Kilogram
3. Australia/Oceana: 2,000 Baht per Kilogram
4. Africa Nations: 2,000 Baht per Kilogram
5. European Nations: 2,500 Baht per Kilogram
6. North and South America: 2,500 Baht per Kilogram






* Rates estimate by costs per 1 Kilogram (1-3 ready to wear items or 1 Dress with packaging). Additional weight will automatically add to your billing and are adjusted to the next Kilogram.

** Rates excludes VAT, Taxes, Bank transfer fees and any custom payments occurred at destined countries

*** Shipping provided by EMS Services and Signature of receiver at stated address is required

*** Shipping will take 5-7 business days and up to 14 days to European Nations and North/South America